MathLore Central

Welcome! You’ve found the front door that will lead to all the online material for Mister Petto’s mathematics classes at Lakewood High School for the 2017-2018 school year.


APstats = Advanced Placement Statistics
Alg2 = Algebra II
CM = Consumer Mathematics

APstats is the nickname used whenever the topic is the Advanced Placement Statistics course.

Alg2 is the abbreviation used whenever the topic is the Algebra II course.

is the abbreviation used whenever the topic is the Consumer Mathematics course.

You will find more information about each of these, class rules, grading information, and much more by clicking on the various abbreviation-links near the top of this page. Feel free to explore the whole site (and the cross-connected sites.) If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch with me, by any of the ways described on the contact page.


A Small Bit of Philosophy

Students who are successful learning mathematics in high school tend to be successful at whatever they tackle later in their life. I am here to assist Lakewood students launch a lifetime of accomplishment.

It is not true that students are genetically either good at math or bad at math.

Nearly everyone can master enough for math a life full of achievement and joy. It might take some effort and practice, but that's true for most worthwhile things.

Students often have trouble learning mathematical material because they focus too soon on details of definitions, theorems, and procedures, without first trying to absorb the big picture using careful attention, questioning, and intuition.

Students often have trouble learning mathematical material because they don't slow down enough, they think that math has something to do with being fast. (It doesn't.)

One tip is to constantly keep an eye out for the simplest and most natural explanation, and to summarize groups of things you know with this in mind.

I'm availabe to provide extra help and one-to-one personal advice for any student. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.


Another very important thing students can do to insure good performance is to make and use notes. A limited amount of handwritten notes may be used for reference during Consumer Math and Algebra 2 tests. Talk to me if you're not sure how to construct a good set; and then be sure to keep them in your notebook, where you can find them when you need them.

There is a pre-printed standard collection of formulas and tables that may be used during all AP Statistics tests.

If you miss class for any reason, please be sure to do the make-up work or homework listed on the pages coresponding to the class you're taking while you are out. If you do, you will not fall behind. Upcoming quizzes and tests are listed there as well.

Ongoing news, beginning with the most recent and continuing on to the most ancient, is posted from time to time onto our news page. Occasionally, extra credit opportunities can be found there. I will add these in response to student interest.