AdvAlg2 = Advanced Algebra II

This is an accelerated course for the highly motivated student who has a very strong ability level in mathematics. The course emphasizes facility with symbolic expressions and forms, alongside graphical and tabular representations. It moves beyond the linear and quadratic forms learned in Algebra 1, to several other families of functions that extend those fundamental concepts. It also builds upon concepts of scaling and transformation from Geometry. Students will study polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, and discrete families; and will build functions by combination and composition, investigating both their abstract properties and the use of functions as tools for modeling real-world situations. The course concludes with several topics from probability and statistics, with an emphasis on conditional probability and random processes.

Students taking this course are required to have a TI-84 Plus or TI-nspire graphing calculator; and must also have access to a computer outside school, either at home or the library.

LHS AdvAlg2 Google Classroom
Click here (or to the left on the chalkboard icon) to navigate to the LHS Google Classroom for Advanced Algebra II. This is the principle spot for LHS AdvAlg2 online interaction.

The last day to retest or submit Q4 make-up work is one week before the end of the quarter.

Activities, exercises & other assignments

The following assignments should be turned in during class on each indicated day:

Work Due
3/27 Modeling with Exponential Fns III compare three models - q14++ 129
3/28 Modeling with Exponential Fns IV   130
3/29 Exponential Modeling Finalé exit ticket 447 131
3/30 Introduction to Radical Functions {no assignment} 132
3/31 Simplifying Radicals,
Rationalizing Radical Denominators
p366: 4, 7, 10, 16, 22, 28,
and 38-54 even
4/3 Multiplying & Dividing Radicals p371: 2-26 even 134
4/4 Adding & Subtracting Radicals p371: 38-54 even 135
4/5 4th period only (AIR) p376: 2, 6, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 24, and 26 – then 28, 32, 36, 40, & 44 136
4/6 8th period only (AIR) (same as above) 137
4/7 First Radical Expressions Quiz prepare for quiz 138
4/10 Solving Radical Equations I p382: 2-58 every other even 139
4/11 Solving Radical Equations II p388: 2-10: even 140
4/12 Solving Radical Equations III p388: 18, 22, 17, 28 141
4/13 Second Radical Expressions Quiz prepare for quiz 142
«∙» Spring Break (enjoy!) «∙»
4/24 {additional quiz time} {no assignment} 143
Air1 Recalling Geometry: Trig Ratio Problems 144
Air2 Right-Triangle Trigonometry Ten Trig Application Problems 145
5/1 Rotations and Revolutions Intro to Angle Function Probems 146
5/2 \[\theta \ge 90º\] 5/2 Problem Set: 1-23 147
5/3 Radian Measures / Degree Measures 5/2 Problem Set: 24 & 25
5/3 Problem Set: 2-20 even
5/4 Obtuse, Reflex, and Snailish Angles 5/3 Problem Set: 22-30 even 149
5/5   5/5 Problem Set: 2- 18 even 150
5/8 Exact Sine Cosine and Tangent
for Special Angles
5/8 Problem Set: all 151
5/9 Short Trig-Functions Intro Quiz prepare for quiz 152
5/10 The Unit Circle and General Trig Fns {no assignment} 153
5/11 Standard Position Calculations I complete unit circle (here's a hint) 154
5/12 Standard Position Calculations II standard position find angles 155
5/15 Sin/Cos Functions & Coefficients° standard postion find trig functions 156
5/16 Sin/Cos Functions & Coefficients® sin/cos Waveforms Homework° 157
5/17 Solving Simple Trig Equations sin/cos Waveforms Homework® 158
5/18 Visualizing Trig Solutions Unit ○Ⓞ○ Trig Equations Homework 159
5/19 Visualizing Trig Solutions ∞ Graphs {mess around with Desmos OYO} 160
5/22 Equations with Tangents++ more sin/cos Equation Solving 161
5/23 Cosecant, Secant, & Cotangent solving a few tan Equations 162
5/24 Prepare for Last Quiz prepare one page of notes 163
5/25 Last Quiz: Solving Trig Equations prepare for last trig quiz 164
5/26 Begin Second Semester Test Review read final review and vote up topics 165
5/29 Memorial Day ( - no school - )  
5/30 Review for Second Semester Test work on final review & prep notes


5/31 Practice Half o' Semester Test prepare for practice test/2 167


Review for Second Semester Test work on final review & prep notes 168
6/2 Second Semester Tests I 4th period @ 10:10 am 169
6/6 Second Semester Tests II 8th period @ 1:15 pm 170
6/5 Second Semester Tests III makeups, perhaps @ 1:15 pm 171

Late work will be penalized up to 5% for each scheduled day that it is overdue. The formula used is:

\[adjusted\;score = {0.95^{days\;late}} \times original\;score\]

Extra-credit opportunities may be announced in class from time-to-time. In many cases you will also find these posted here, or noted in the slides from that day's class. Look at each one and consider whether you want to give it a try.

Make-up work for a day’s absence is due the day following your return to class. If you complete it and turn it in on the first day you return to class, you will receive a 5% scoring bonus. Like other work, it will be penalized up to 5% for each scheduled day that it is overdue thereafter, using the formula above.