Q3 AP Statistics

This page contains the AP Statistics work assignments from the first quarter. Do not expect to receive any credit whatsoever for completing this work, unless you have made specific arrangements with Mr. Petto beforehand.

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Important Upcoming Events

Our AP Statistics exam will occur at noon on Thursday, May 11th; check their schedule page for more information including fees & reductions.

Also, the annual Greater Cleveland APstats Review is tentatively scheduled to take place Saturday morning, April 22nd at John Carroll University. It will feature presentations by experienced AP Readers on test-taking skills and key content topics. Attendance & participation should help you maximize your test score. Highly recommended!

Homework & other assignments

Bookwork (aka “homework”) should be completed by the indicated day; and should be turned in at the beginning of class on the day of each chapter test. Assignments that are to be turned in online will have a deadline time on the due date specified online. Assignments other than bookwork should be turned in on the indicated date.

Work Due
1/23 Midterm Review MCQs {no assignment}
1/24 Sampling Distributions 101 watch video #22 Against All Odds
do P9.1 & 9.2 (read start of §9.1)
1/25 Sampling Distribution Dynamics read pp564-576 carefully
do P9.4, 9.8, 9.10
Sampling Distributions Conditions
for Shape, Center, and Spread
read pp564-576 again
do P9.12-9.18 even

Sampling Distribution of Means
Practice Problems

read pp581-595;
do P9.26-9.30 even
Snow Day !! try two AP FRQs

Sampling Distribution of Proportions
Practice Problems Too

read pp591-595, 598-601
do P9.42-9.46 even
Ch 9 Sampling Distribution MCQs

do P9.52, 9.56, 9.58

Chapter Nine Test prepare for test
try III.5 and III.8 on p611
Read Any Good Books Lately? read Activity 10a pp616-617
Introduction to Confidence Intervals watch video #24 Against All Odds
T is for Means I: the t distribution read §10.2 pp642-648
do P10.28-10.32 even
2/8 t-confidence interval practice II fish/acid rain/limestone problem 99
2/9 z is for Proportions: another C.I. do P10.32, 10.38-10.40 all 100
2/10 Flipping Kisses Activity 10D read activity 10D carefully p663
read §10.3 do P10.52-10.56 even
2/13 confidence interval MCQ practice do P10.58-10.64 even 102
2/14 confidence interval FRQ practice practice FRQs for trade & grade 103
2/15 Chapter Ten Test prepare for test 104
2/16 Testing a Claim About a Population read Case Study, p685 !!
and pp688-693
Presidents' Day Long Weekend work well, & enjoy some R&R
2/21 P-values and test-statistics:
their computation & meaning
read pp687-698 – making notes
do P11.2-11.12 even
complete online video assignment
2/22 Type I and Type II Errors read pp699-703
do P11.16-11.26 even
2/23 Carrying Out Significance Tests read §11.3 and §11.4;
do P11.44-52 even
2/24 Use & Abuse of Tests do P11.66-11.74 even 109
2/27 The Chances of a Type II Error catch up on homework problems
read or re-read §11.4 very carefully
2/28 Hypothesis Test MCQ Practice do Case Closed! p735 111
3/1 SAT® Test Day (for Juniors only) 112
3/2 Hypothesis Test FRQ Practice (in class): pre-T11 practice 113
3/3 Chapter Eleven Test prepare for test (Ch 11 guide) 114
3/6 Significance Tests Out in the Wild read §12.1 do P12.6 & P12.12 115
3/7 Intro to single-sample z-tests read §12.2 do P12.23, 12.24, 12.26 116
3/8 FRQ Practice for Proportion Tests + two single-proportion problems 117
3/9 MCQ Practice for Proportion Tests + complete Case Closed! (ch 12) 118
3/10 Chapter Twelve Test prepare for test (Ch 12 guide) 119
3/13 Comparing Two Means complete online video assignment
Case Study, Activity 13 pp779-780
  No-School Day Pi Day Venn Piagram  
3/15 Paper Airplanes Experiment paper airplane activity 121
3/16 Paper Airplane Data Analysis &
Comparing Two Proportions
read pp 787-790
do P13.20-13.22 all & P13.24
3/17 Chapter 13 FRQ practice read pp806-812; do P13.26 & 13.27 123
3/20 Chapter 13 MCQ practice chapter 13 FRQs for trade-grade 124
3/21 Final Chapter 13 Test Prep complete Case Closed! pp825-826 125
3/22 Chapter Thirteen Test prepare for test (Ch 13 guide) 126
3/23 An Intro to Chi-Square Inference
M&M's Activity (expanded)
read & be prepared to undertake
Activity 14A pp834-835
3/24 Testing for Goodness of Fit (GOF) read pp835-846
do P14.2-14.10 even

Late work will be penalized up to 5% for each scheduled day that it is overdue. The formula used is:

\[adjusted\;score = {0.95^{days\;late}} \times original\;score\]

If events occur making it difficult or impossible to submit work on time, please discuss the matter as soon as possible and before that work is due.

Oh, and here is a previous version of this page from the first quarter, and another from the second quarter, both for your reference.