Alg2 = Algebra II

This is a required course, designed for students who are planning to attend college or pursue a technical post-secondary career.

The course emphasizes facility with symbolic expressions and forms, alongside graphical and tabular representations. It moves beyond the linear and quadratic forms learned in Algebra 1, to several other families of functions that extend those fundamental concepts. It also builds upon concepts of scaling and transformation from Geometry. Students will study polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, and discrete families; and will build functions by combination and composition, investigating both their abstract properties and the use of functions as tools for modeling real-world situations. The course concludes with several topics from probability and statistics, with an emphasis on conditional probability and random processes.

Students taking this course are required to have a graphing calculator; and must also have access to a computer outside school, either at home or the library.

LHS AdvAlg2 Google Classroom
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The last day to retest or submit Q1 make-up work is one week before the end of the quarter: Thursday, October 12.

Activities, exercises & other assignments

The following assignments should be turned in during class on each indicated day:

8/21 Welcome to Alg2 & Orientation:
What is Algebra? The Year Ahead!
get textbook & initial paperwork
make folder-tag
8/22 Three Representations of a Function no work due 2
8/23 Domain & Range of a Function Digital Passport Assignment
p59: 2-14 even
8/24 Continuous Functions p59: 16-46 even 4
8/25 Algebra 2 Pre-Assessment complete marbleslides, if you wish 5
8/28 Intro to Absolute Value Functions Special Problem 0 - POW #0
8/29 AV Fns = Piecewise Linear Fns catch up, as needed 7
8/30 Translating f (x) = |x| p88: 6, 8, 16-28 even 8
8/31 Problem Review & Practice Translating Absolute Value Fns 9
9/1 Other Parent Functions Parent Function Scavenger Hunt 10
  Labor Day (long weekend) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  
9/5 Review & Prepare for Test 1 POW #1 11
9/6 First Unit Test prepare for first test
(and turn in all homework)
9/7 Revisit Parent Functions {no assignment} 13
9/8 Simple Function Operations + - x revise/improve your fn notes 14
9/11 Compostion of Functions (f◦g)(x) simple function operations HW 15
9/12 More Function Composition f(g(x)) composition of functions HW 16
9/13 Q&A Applications & More Practice p394+ do #35-40, 43, 44 17
9/14 Solving Basic Absolute Value Eqns simple absolute value HW 18
9/15 Solving Tricker Absolute Value Eqns look over test; compare to online solutions; consider re-take, perhaps 19
9/18 Undoing a Function: Inverse Basics trickier absolute value HW 20
9/19 Graphing the Inverse of a Function intro reversing functions HW 21
9/20 Topics, Q&A for Second Test begin inverse functions problems 22
9/21 Review for Second Test finish inverse functions problems 23
9/22 Second Unit Test prepare for second test 24
9/25 Terms of a Quadratic Function {no assignment} 25
9/26 Forms of Quadratic Functions {no assignment} 26
9/27 Parabolas & Quadratic Equations intro to quadratic functions queries 27
9/28 Recalling Axis of Symmetry/Vertex begin quadratic regression problems 28
9/29 Using the Quadratic Formula finish quadratic regression problems 29
10/2 Finding Quadratic Roots quadratic formula problems 30
10/3 Finding ALL Key Quadratic Values (start problems for 10/4) 31
10/4 Roots, Vertex, y-intercept... roots+ from std. form problems 32
10/5 Second Unit ReTest prepare for ReTest (solns) 33
10/6 Factoring Quadratics 101 roots+ from vertex form problems 34
10/9 Factoring Quadratics (Advanced) first quadratic factoring problems 35
10/10 Organizing Quadratics: Review/Prep adv quadratic factoring problems 36
10/11 Additional Quadratic Review {3rd}   37
10/12 First Quadratics Unit Test prepare for first quadratics test 38
  NEOEA Day (long weekend) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  
10/16 Quadratic Applications   39
10/17 Desmos: Will It Hit the Hoop   40
10/18 Desmos: Match My Parabola   41
10/19 Angry Birds Teamwork, or
First Quadratics Re-Test
10/20                                     {end Q1}   43

Late work will be penalized up to 5% for each scheduled day that it is overdue. The formula used is:

\[adjusted\;score = {0.95^{days\;late}} \times original\;score\]

Extra-credit opportunities may be announced in class from time-to-time. In many cases you will also find these posted here, or noted in the slides from that day's class. Look at each one and consider whether you want to give it a try.

Make-up work for a day’s absence is due the day following your return to class. If you complete it and turn it in on the first day you return to class, you will receive a 5% scoring bonus. Like other work, it will be penalized up to 5% for each scheduled day that it is overdue thereafter, using the formula above.