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Here you'll find many favorite math and general reference starting points, as well as some other nifty stuff. If you are one of my students you'll hear me refer to most of these in class, probably more than once.

Math Reference

TI-Nspire Calculator

TI-84 Calculator

Math Standards

General Reference

Lakewood High School

Computer Software (Math)

      • GeoGebra - free dynamic geometry software that goes above and beyond, incorporating features for connecting to algebra and calculus.

      • Desmos - free browser & app based graphing utility: graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more. (Look at the many examples in the galleries for ideas.)

      • Vertex42 - my favorite source for complicated pre-constructed spreadsheets; use them, but be sure to study any you use and make sure you understand how they work; all work in Excel, and many work in other spreadsheet programs (such as EditGrid, GoogleDocs, Open Office)

      • Open Office - free word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software for Window, OS X, and Linux.

Recreational Math

MathLore ??