Advance Placement Statistics is an elective course in which students develop major theories and techniques for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. Students will be exposed to four broad conceptual themes: exploring data, designing a study, anticipating patterns in advance, and statistical inference. Solving real-life problems that require the use of statistical inference and a combination of statistical techniques will be emphasized. Technology will be used to develop understanding and work on large datasets. Students will present, defend, and critique statistical arguments.

Students enrolled in this course are expected to take the CollegeBoard AP Statistics examination in the Spring. Student taking this course are required to have a TI-84+ or higher graphing calculator...preferably a
TI-nspire calculator (some loaners may be available.)

Click here (or to the left on the chalkboard icon) to navigate to the LHS Google Classroom for AP Statistics. This is the principle spot for LHS AP Statistics online interaction.
ebook Click here (or to the left on the eBook icon) to navigate to our excellent online textbook. You will need your login name and password. (Temporarily unavailable.)

The last day to retest (T13, T14, or T15, but not the AP practice test) or submit Q4 make-up work is Friday, May 19th.

Important Upcoming Events

Our AP Statistics exam will occur at noon on Thursday, May 11th; check their schedule page for more information including fees & reductions.

Also, the annual Greater Cleveland APstats Review is tentatively scheduled to take place Saturday morning, April 22nd at John Carroll University. It will feature presentations by experienced AP Readers on test-taking skills and key content topics. Attendance & participation should help you maximize your test score. Highly recommended!

Homework & other assignments

Bookwork (aka “homework”) should be completed by the indicated day; and should be turned in at the beginning of class on the day of each chapter test. Assignments that are to be turned in online will have a deadline time on the due date specified online. Assignments other than bookwork should be turned in on the indicated date.

3/27 Chi-Square Test for Homogeneity
Chi-Square Test for Independence
watch Against All Odds #29, Q&A 129
3/28 Chi-Square GOF & two-way FRQs read pp850-865
do P14.12-14.18 even
3/29 FRQ grading + short Kahoot read pp868-874
do P14.22-14.26 even
3/30 Chi-Square MCQ Practice do Case Closed! p880 132
3/31 Chapter Fourteen Test prepare for chapter test (C14 guide) 133
4/3 Intro to Inference for Regression read pp888-894; do P15.1-15.4 all 134
4/4 Inference for Regression Practice read pp896-900, 903-907
do P15.6-15.14 even
4/5 5th period only (AIR) am “specials”   136
4/6 no regular class (AIR) am “specials”   137
4/7 Regression Inference MCQ Practice do P15.18, 15.20, 15.24 138
4/10 Regression Inference FRQ Practice complete Case Closed! pp911-912 139
4/11 Chapter 15 Test prepare for test (Ch 15 guide) 140
4/12 Year-End Project Planning quick one-question online survey 141
4/13 Early Topic Kahoot Review {no assignment} 142
«∙» Spring Break (enjoy) «∙»
4/24 Last-Month Game Plan Spring Break Packet 143
AirAM APstats Practice Test ! registration - indicate your choice ~
Air1 AP Practice & Final Project Work Descriptive Statistics 144
Air2 AP Practice & Final Project Work Linear Regression 145
5/1 AP Practice & Final Project Work Locus Link              T-Shirt Link 146
5/2 AP Practice & Final Project Work Probability 147
5/3 AP Practice & Final Project Work Inference 148
5/4 AP Practice & Final Project Work Common MCQ Snafus 149
5/5 AP Practice & Final Project Work Practice FRQ Solutions 150
5/8 AP Practice & Final Project Work More Practice FRQ Solutions 151
5/9 AP Practice & Final Project Work «¤» 152
5/10 AP Practice & Final Project Work «¤» 153
5/11 AP Practice & Final Project Work Locus Online Benchmark II 154
5/12 Further Stats & Final Project Work «¤» 155
5/15 Final Project Work poster template “a” 156
5/16 Final Project Work «¤» 157
5/17 Final Project Work poster template “b” 158
5/18 Final Project Work «¤» 159
5/19 Final Project Work last day to submit late work
submit final project drafts (5/20)
5/22 Final Project Presentations I «¤» 161
5/23 Final Project Presentations II «¤» 162
5/24 Final Project Presentations III «¤» 163
5/25 Last Day of APstats for Seniors submit final projects online 164
5/26 Underclass Only !! «¤» 165

Late work will be penalized up to 5% for each scheduled day that it is overdue. The formula used is:

\[adjusted\;score = {0.95^{days\;late}} \times original\;score\]

If events occur making it difficult or impossible to submit work on time, please discuss the matter as soon as possible and before that work is due.

Oh, and here is a previous version of this page from the first quarter, another from the second quarter, and yet another from the third quarter, all for your reference.