Contact Info

For any particular questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me anytime. If I can't answer, please tell me the best way and best time to get back in touch with you. I'm often not immediately available, but I regularly check and respond to messages.

I do not discuss student individual student performance via email or voicemail, but can use either to arrange a time to talk with you by telephone or in person.

Finding me during the school day is fairly easy, once I've established a routine. Look below for my schedule.

Questions & Conversation

Questions?I'm happy to answer questions, or chat, most any time. I generally return phone calls and answer emails within 24 hours.

email address:
(this relays to both school and home)

official email:


preferred voicemail/text number: 440-249-4289

or you can leave a message at my official LHS voicemail: 216-227-5700 ext 18663

My Schedule

You will usually find me in Room B310. During planning and lunch periods, another good place to find me is in the teacher work room, A314. (If I'm in neither place, I probably am at a meeting, or unavailable right then.)

Room B310 is along the eastern edge of the math wing of the third floor, just across the hall from the House 2 office. To see a map, click here.

I am happy to rendezvous with students who have questions; to receive assistance or advice it is better to set something up with me earlier in the day, or best yet the day before.

  • First Period - AP Statistics
  • Second Period - planning & grading
  • Third Period - Algebra 2
  • Fourth Period - Consumer Math
  • Fifth Period - planning & grading
  • Sixth Period - Algebra 2
  • Seventh Period - Algebra 2
  • Eighth Period - planning & grading
  • Ninth Period - AP Statistics


Unscheduled Help

Before school, I'm nearly always in room B310 by 7:30 am. No appointment for before-school help is required. However, it is first come, first serve, so it's better to make an appointment. Do not hesitate to drop by if you need help, or assistance of any kind.

The best way to get me a message during the day is by email, and you can also try voicemail to my cellphone (or the school's message system) which I will eventually hear.

Most days, I usually remain in B310 until about 3:15 pm, and normally will stick around as long as necessary to help students who come to see me right after school. However, it is first come, first serve so it's much better to make an appointment. Do not hesitate to drop by if you need help, or assistance of any kind.

I generally check for “Remind” messages sent to my “cellphone” regularly, unless I leave it in my car or inadvertently let the battery run out. The #18863 voicemail alerts my school email which I check a few times every school day, so it's the best if your are in a hurry.


Social Media

I post pointers time tot time at interesting mathematical & statistical content from the Twitter account @mathlore, and have good intentions to tag these appropriately using #lhsapstats, #lhsalg2, #lhscm, #lhs_all, and #justforfun. I do not use this account to follow others.

I personally use other social media, but do not follow any students who have not yet graduated. (I do follow graduates, it's a nice way to keep in touch.)

Sending Me a File

The best way to send a file to me in response to an assigment is within Google Classroom. It is the only way you will receive full credit for turning in the assignment. If you're sending it to me ad hoc, I prefer you to use Google Drive.

An ad-hoc way to get a file to me is to attach the file to an email message if it’s not too big; “too big” usually means ≥ 10 MB. Send such to .


Suggestions Wanted!

I love to hear suggestions, from parents, from students, and from anyone else who is reading this. I don't care whether they are signed or anonymous.

If you have any thoughts about how this site, or how the instruction of these courses can be improved, please tell me.