Q2 AP Statistics

This page contains the AP Statistics work assignments from the second quarter. Do not expect to receive any credit whatsoever for completing this work, unless you have made specific arrangements with Mr. Petto beforehand.

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The last day to retest or submit Q2 make-up work is one week before the end of the quarter: Monday, December 11.

Important Upcoming Events

Our AP Statistics exam will occur at noon on Thursday, May 17th (2018) — check the CollegeBoard schedule page for more information including fees & discount possibilities.

Also, The Annual Greater Cleveland APstats Review is tentatively scheduled to take place Saturday morning, tentatively May 5th at John Carroll University. It will feature presentations by experienced AP Readers on test-taking skills and key content topics. Attendance & participation should help you maximize your test score. Highly recommended!

Homework & other assignments

Bookwork (aka “homework”) should be completed by the indicated day; and should be turned in at the beginning of class on the day of each chapter test. Assignments that are to be turned in online will have a deadline time on the due date specified online. Assignments other than bookwork should be turned in on the indicated date.

10/23 Chapter Four MCQ Practice read pp305-311, 314-315
do P4.42-4.48 even; turn in Titanic
10/24 Chapter Four FRQ Practice do P4.49, 4.52, 4.55, 4.56 45
10/25 Producing Data 101 do P4.58; read p327, pp329-332 46
10/26 Simple Random Sampling,
and Its Alternatives
read pp334-341; do 5.8-5.14 even 47
10/27 Chapter Four Test prepare for Ch 4 test 48
10/30 Random Selection:
Its Procedural Details
{no assignment} 49
10/31 Practicing Random Selection:
A Bevy of Teamwork Challenges
read pp343-347
do P5.16-5.22 even
11/1 Design of Experiments Vocabulary triple video assignment (due 11/2) 51
11/2 Designing Experiments + Placebo! read pp354-357
do P5.34-5.38 even
11/3 Study & Experiment Vocabulary read pp358-363
do P5.40-5.44 even
11/6 The Cookie Experiment read pp366-371
do P5.46-5.50 even
11/7 Election Day (no school) ~
11/8 Chapter Five MCQ Practice read pp373-374
do P5.52 & 5.54
11/9 Two Kahoots + Quizlet Live join Quizlet classroom; practice 56
11/10 Chapter Five Test prepare for test 57
11/13 The Study of Randomness read p389, pp391-397;
do P6.2-6.6 even
11/14 Random Simulations read pp398-402; do P6.8-6.12 even 59
11/15 Probability Models read pp406-410;
do P6.22-6.28 even
11/16 Probability Rules Nutshell read pp412-416
do P6.30-6.36 even

Monty Hall, The Birthday Problem,
and more...

read pp417-423
do P6.38-6.44 even
11/20 Ch 6 MCQ Practice - Probability!
(and homework review)
read pp425-429, 431
do P6.46-6.52 even
11/21 Ch 6 FRQ Practice - Probability!!
(and homework review)
do P6.54-6.64 even
watch AAO-18 & AAO-19
11/27 Ch 6 Review - Kahoot & Quizlet review Ch 6 - bring/send questions
do P6.82-6.88
11/28 Chapter Six Test do P6.102-6.108 even
prepare for Chapter Six test
11/29 Discrete & Continuous RVs read pp465-469; do P7.2-7.6 even
Against All Odds
video assignment
11/30 Random Variable Calculations read pp471-477 (text + summary)
do P7.8-10 & 7.20-22 even
12/1 Means and Variances
of Random Variables
read pp482-486, 487-490
do P7.24-7.34 even
12/4 More Mean & Variance Arithmetic read pp493-498
do P7.38-7.42 even
12/5 Random Variable Recap do Case Closed! p508 71
12/6 Ch 7 MCQ Practice, plus review Ch 7: questions??
do P7.54-7.64 even
12/7 Ch 7 FRQ Practice, plus review, catchup, reflect: questions? 73
12/8 Chapter Seven Test prepare for test 74
12/11 Binomial Distributions Against All Odds video assignment 75
12/12 Geometric Distributions read pp513-523
do P8.8-8.12 even
12/13 Binomial/Geometric Calculations read pp524-529
do P8.14-8.26 even
12/14 Midterm Prep I read pp539-549
do P8.41, 8.42-8.48 even
12/15 Midterm Prep II bring quesions regarding exam 79
12/18 Midterm Prep III bring questions regarding exam 80
12/19 *** ||| 81
12/20 Midterm Exam Period || 82
12/21 *** | 83
* Winter Break {happy holidays to one & all}

Late work will be penalized up to 5% for each scheduled day that it is overdue. The formula used is:

\[adjusted\;score = {0.95^{days\;late}} \times original\;score\]

If events occur making it difficult or impossible to submit work on time, please discuss the matter as soon as possible and before that work is due.

Oh, and here is a previous version of this page from the first quarter for your reference.